Summer 2016 Bucketlist

hiya :) summer's here! i won't go into all the details about how i feel about it etc but i am very excited to just accomplish lots of fun things this year. i decided to gather some from my pinterest board, and some from last years post, and share them here :) if you haven't yet, check out my summer bucketlist tag, and do it on your blog :)


1. get a sun "tattoo"

2. learn to cartwheel

3. go on a picnic

4. watch the sunrise

5. film a travel documentary

6. eat pizza in italy

7. pull an all nighter

8. bake something with lots of steps

9. (possibly) start a youtube channel

10. redecorate my room

that's it for now. what are some things you want to accomplish this summer? i tried to make reasonable goals so that i don't end the summer disappointed in myself. and of course, i plan to blog more :). i have a few baking posts, and a tag in mind already
till next time xx


two ingredient healthy pancakes and life

i don't think im a good blogger
there, i said it.
i love the idea of blogging, the concept. honestly, my dream job is being a food blogger. but it just doesn't seem to fit into my life right now. i want to do something i enjoy, something i dont have to push myself to do. blogging should be a hobby, not a chore. and that's something i want to work on. but i've also been thinking, and i think that this summer i might look into starting a youtube channel. it's something that has been on my mind for a long time, and i'll make sure to let you guys know how that goes!
even better, healthy pancakes!
and you only need two ingredients. i know, how crazy is that?? and the best part? they honestly don't even taste "healthy". you know how sometimes healthy tastes boring or rubbery or plain? these are sweet, soft, fluffy and just perfect for any given time. let's get cooking!

- 1 banana
- 1 egg
- 1 tsp chia seeds (totally optional)
- 1/2 tsp coconut oil/butter (for pan)

1. crack egg and banana (in chunks) into a blender
2. blend until a smooth consistency
3. heat pan with coconut oil/butter to medium-low heat (out of 10, i used 4)
5. pour desired pancake size onto pan (i made two in one batch)
6. cook for about 3 minutes. it might ruffle a bit when trying to flip, its normal
7. flip onto other side for about 1 minute
8. pancake is ready when knife inserted comes out clean

topping ideas

- 3tbsp greek yogurt
- raspbery jam/jelly
- grapes

1. layer desired amount of jelly in between each pancake
2. mix greek yogurt well
3. pour over pancakes
4. serve with sliced grapes

- 4tsp natural yogurt
- 3tsp heavy cream
- 1tsp stevia (or other sweetener of choice such as maple syrup/agave/honey)
- strawberries

1. mix natural yogurt, heavy cream and sweetener of choice
2. layer desired amount in between each pancake
3. top with strawberries

hope you guys enjoy this recipe! it's seriously so delicious and i 10/10 recommend. let me know if you make it, and what toppings you added, i'd love to try new things :)
until next time



  lately, i've been focusing a lot on school. the oddest thing is that despite all the time i devote to studying, homework, grades are not what i want them to be. they're not bad, but they could be better, and it's upsetting. i've never enjoyed the grading aspect of school. i want to learn, truly learn, and enjoy it. the other day i was studying for a history test, and i realized how sad, i was just trying to cram everything that i'd forget a week later anyway. school isn't enjoyable anymore. it's about passing, grades, tests. 

i'm on break now, and i've decided to devote this time to just relax. pray, write, read. i've distanced myself from all the things i enjoy so that i can actually pass school, and i want to change that. i'm sure that God has a plan, and that spending all my life reading about velocity and vectors isn't it. i want to go out, take pictures, find new music, talk to people. there's so much to life that i've forgotten because i was so distracted. 

one of the things i really miss, is writing. i used to write, all the time. after a disaster a few years ago when i lost all my writing (over 15 started stories, 4 of which i had good plans for), i lost all motivation. i didn't think about writing for nearly a year, and it was devastating. i prayed, and finally accepted it as a chance to start new. i hope to find joy in writing again, as i used to.

i'm not entirely sure what this post was meant to be, i just needed to ramble. thank you for reading, i'll talk to you guys soon 


2015 Baking Favorites

Hey everyone! For this week's post, I thought I'd do a little wrap-up of 9 favorite things I baked this year, but since October. I baked all year long, but only got my camera in October and this is when I started taking food pictures. I hope you guys enjoy this post and find something to bake, perhaps even this weekend :)

1. Brown Butter Pumpkin Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting: I made these cupcakes as one of my first fall projects and everyone loved them! They were soft and fluffy and full of pumpkin flavour with a gorgeous salted caramel frosting that was just amazing. They do require a little bit more work as you need to make the sauce (or you can buy some) but they're worth every minute!
(note: I'm not sure if this is the exact recipe I used but if it's not it's the closest I could find)

2. Dulce de Leche Chocolate Cupcakes: This decadent cupcakes is one of my favorite things I've ever baked, hands down. The cupcake is so moist and chocolatey and rich and totally amazing even on its own. It takes some time to make as you there's quite a few steps but the result is so rewarding. Then, cut open  a little hole and fill it with dulce de leche, and then add it to the frosting as well. 
These were devoured by family and friends and I'm not surprised!

3. Pumpkin Snack Cake: This cake. I have no words. I'm an absolute pumpkin addict, and if you don't like this fall staple, this treat might change your mind. Using a whole can of pumpkin, along with a few simple ingredients and an easy cream cheese frosting results in seriously one of the most flavorful, delicious, moist cake ever. I couldn't stop myself from coming back for more, it was amazing. 

4. Gingerbread Cupcakes: Okay, these are kinda Christmasy, but let's be real, any time is good for a cupcake. The steps are pretty simple, and most of the ingredients are spices, and they were seriously addicting. Although my brother wasn't too fond of them, my mom and I were absolutely in love. They're rich and super moist, just wonderful. With some frosting they really are a perfect treat. I added a bit of cinnamon into my frosting for a little burst of flavour. 

5. Ultimate Fudge Brownies: Everyone needs a staple brownie recipe for when that craving hits. I've tested lots, and to be honest, I'm kinda picky when it comes to brownies. Cakey brownie? Nu uh honey. I want a thick, fudgy, chocolatey, moist brownie with a crispy crunchy signature top. These hit the spot perfectly. Seriously, you need these in your life. 

6. My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies: Just as with brownies, everyone needs a go-to classic cookie. These are amazing! I still have some recipes pinned I'd like to try, but these were pretty much some of the best ones I've had in my life. Chewy and a bit crunchy around the edges, soft in the middle, full of chocolate. Perfect with a glass of milk!

7. Pumpkin Nutella Cookie Bars: My mom informed me recently that we had a ton of pumpkin frozen in the frigde, and this was my first project. Seriously, nutella and pumpkin could not be a more perfect combination. These are seriously addictive. A moist, slightly crunchy, soft pumpkin cookie bar with nutella sandwiched in the middle...and if you're feeling adventurous, maybe spread a little on top? Not that I tried that...or maybe i did oops

8. Peanut Butter Blossoms: A classic for sure. Sally uses Reece's in this recipe, which sounds marvelous, but I had Kisses on hand, so that's what I went with. So peanut butter-y, soft, creamy, covered in sugar, and oh-so-perfect with that warm melty kiss. Make these. Like, now. 

9. Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars: These are so perfect if you're craving cheesecake but don't want to make a full one. These are actually pretty simple to make, and they're absolutely amazing. My whole family couldn't stop going for more. So creamy and cheesecake-y, and not too sweet, with that perfect pumpkin flavour, and of course, a neccessary swirl of whipped cream. If you don't have pumpkin on hand, or don't like it, you can leave it out and swirl nutella in or something....and I totally need to do that. 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this recap of my top 9 recipes of October - December of 2015, I had so much fun baking all of these and I hope that if you try any you enjoy them as much as I did! Let me know in the comments if you bake something :) 



i fell for you
as fast as you would 
off a cliff
and it didn't hurt
but it was just as dangerous

* * * 

how are you? i've been crazy busy with school, and even though january is supposed to be the month of starting fresh, it's been incredibly messy for me. i'm trying my best to get my life together and praying and hoping that i'll get into the swing of things eventually. it's getting better, and so with more organized time, i'll have a posting schedule as my blog is something i really want to pursue this year. 
i hope you all have a wonderful week!

*picture and poem mine*


January Favorites

1. Cashmere Glow Bath and Body Works Body Lotion I purchased this back in the summer, but now that winter is here, I've been using it lots since it's so cold outside. It smells amazing, and lathers on nicely, and overall works really well. 
2. H&M Mohair Gray Cardigan This cardigan is warm, cozy, and very fashionable. It goes great with a plain top, some leggings and boots and I've been wearing it at school and home. 
3. EOS Sweet Mint LipBalm Although of all the EOS Lipbalms I own this is my least favorite one, something about the minty, fresh scent I really like during this time. Works amazing, as all EOS, smells nice, and I haven't worried much about chapped lips this month. 
4. Ritter Sport Vanilla Chai Latter Chocolate I got this chocolate in my stocking from my mom, as we both love Chai Lattes, and although it isn't what I expected, I do really like this chocolate. It's milky and creamy but the inside is full of cozy spices and has a very unique taste. 
5. Starbucks Honey Almond Hot Cocoa Even though this, is a Christmas drink, I've had it once this month and I love it. It's sweet and creamy with faint taste of almond, chocolate whipped cream and the strong honey syrup. It's a great combination and I really enjoyed it. 
6. To Kill a Mockingbird I had heard lots about this book, and watched the movie with my family about a week ago. I really enjoyed it and am now about one third through the book and can't stop reading! Definitely recommend it!
7. Vanilla Bean Noel Bath and Body Works Candle This was a Christmas present from my parents, as I love the 3-wick candles from B&BW, and it smells lush! Three wick candles are such a great purchase and I'm so happy I received this one. 
8. Tangle Teezer I bought this brush a few months back but thought I should include it anyway. I have very thick hair, and this brush has gotten through tough knotts, and helped when my hair is wet. I also often wake up with very messy hair, and it flattens it and straightens it up quickly. They're a bit more expensive then normal brushes but so worth it! 
9. Boots I don't own a real pair of uggs even though I really hope to one day, but these "fake uggs" are just as nice. I love ankle ones, especially paired with jeans, and these are fine in the snow but still look fashionable. 

What did you think of this post? Like it, hate it? Should I do these every month?
What are some of your favorites this month so far? Let me know in the comments! 


Hello 2016

it's 2016! 2015 has been a year full of change, and i personally think that i grew and developed as a person. i'm more than excited to see what 2016 holds, including where i'll go with this blog. 
i hope to
- post more
- strengthen my photography skills
- write, a lot
- travel
- meet new people
and i mostly want to accept life as it comes because i know that God has a plan for me and everything will be okay in the end.
i hope everyone has a wonderful year and i'll see you soon with more posts!
all images via pinterest