Recent Whereabouts

I'm trying to get my life organized
But if you've ever tried doing this you probably know its extremely hard to do.
I wake up at 6:30 every morning and rush to get ready in half an hour. I get home around 4 each day, if not a bit later, and then my evening consists of doing my homework with maybe 20 minutes to spare before dinner and getting ready for bed.
And then there's the weekends, where I do my homework for about 2 hours, and go to church on Sunday.
So in a way, I do have time to post at least once a week.
But then there's the problem

WHAT do I post about?
I think I have lots of ideas, and then they escape from my head, and all the others ideas seem completely unoriginal.
But I'm very determined to become a more up-to-date blogger soon, starting summer, because I've got a very busy one coming up, which I'm SO excited about :)

Here's a few pictures of my recent whereabouts, inspired by Autum's cool post :)

So one of my newest discoveries (and an enjoyable at that) was this amazing cupcake bakery^ I heard of it where I live before, but they just opened one in my area. Heaven in a wrapper, I tell you. I've tried cookie dough, red velvet and my personal favorite, chocolate peanut butter. Super moist, rich chocolatey cupcake with peanut butter buttercream frosting and a reece's cup placed right on top. 
I. am. in. love. 

With the weather being nicer and all, I've been takig tons of walks. Just listening to music and observing the world is so peaceful and nice. This picture was taken after it had lightly rained and I thought the water drops looked so cool on the leaves ._.

 Yesterday was deffinately a good day for me. I went to a fair with one of my friends and we ate so much food haha and then a bit after we got home, we managed to figure out a trip to our favorite mall with one more friend. I had just received a gift from my grandpa and so I treated myself to some Starbucks, a new top from New Look, a funky cup, a hand sanitizer and this candle. I know it's summer soon but this candle smells like snow (does snow even have a smell?), hot coco and mostly wood smoke and it is just...amazing. No other words for it. 

Can you say "délicieux"? My mom and I went to an amazing French cafe in a mall after church and the food <3 It was a tad pricy but once in a blue moon. I had the hot chocolate and fruit tart and it was soooooo good. I mean just, look at all those goodies!

So that's basically it for what I've been doing recently. Planning to buy a notebook to get myself organized for blogging, and I've only got 14 days of school left!! Eek!