Summer Bucketlist

hey guys!

i know it's only march, but i can't help myself and dream about this summer. i have been thinking about it, well, a little too much and let's just say, i'm SUPER excited!!! i always wanted to make one, so i sat down a few weeks ago and wrote a "summer bucket list" of things i want to do this summer. i am sure this list will continue over the next few months, but here is whats on my list so far!

sun "tattoo"

go on a rollercoaster

                  read as much of the bible as possible

visit my best friend
learn to cook something new

try a new food

learn to cartwheel

sew someting

bake a batch of cupcakes and decorate them lavishly

start a  summer buisness

go on a shopping spree

take lots of pictures

document a trip

stay up all night

watch the stars

go on a long bike trip

blog a lot

read lots

create a summer scrapbook

go on a picnic

plant something and watch it grow

so yeah
that's what's on my bucket list so far
also in case you were wondering by the first one, i by all means am NOT getting a tattoo! what it means is i'll add a sticker somewhere on my body while tanning and after some time the only part of my body that is still pale is the shape of the sticker :) pretty cool idea huh?
anyway, i am literally counting the days down to summer and i'm sure this list will grow!
what do you want to accomplish this summer?

1 comment:

  1. summer. SUMMER. summer.
    Sorry - I may or may not be a avid lover of summer. But all the things on this list are amazing, and I definitely want to try a lot of them too.
    Like the cartwheeling is something I've wanted to do FOREVER. And I think that it would be really fun to decorate a batch of cupcakes just amazingly. Mmmm...