recently, we passed march 21
the official first day of spring
warm weather came fast to wear i live, the sun was hot, the sky blue and i was very happy.
yet not, as i see myself 2 days away from easter, it is pouring, gray and dark, and the weather is not going to be nice for the holidays.
soooooo thanks weather

anyway, i decided to put myself into misery and look at some beautiful pictures of flowers and other that remind me of spring

lets hope that it comes soon

aren't these pictures just breathtaking? it makes me want to grab a camera and just start snapping away
which, of course, i can't do
so i hope with all my heart that the sun decides to come out soon because i am very sick of this weather

i hope you all have a very blessed easter and i'll try to put up a post asap

*all pictures from pinterest, all rights to the owners*