let's face it
one cannot indulge in a dark chocolate muffin and a cold glass of milk (although i am not a huge fan of milk itself with any kind of muffin it's just...mmm) and not overthink about life.

just recently, i found myself thinking about school, and how everyday i wake up at 6:30 and rush around getting ready, heading out the door at 7:00 and waiting with my brother for our ride, losing myself in music for the next 45 minutes and then sitting restlessly in class till i come back home, spend the rest of the evening doing homework, and then find myself trying to get to sleep only to find that yet another long day of the same routine is ahead of me. 
and as i was thinking about this, i realized that my outlook on this whole "school life" in not very positive.

lovely picture "stolen" from this amazing blog
i have spent the last six months in a new school, lucky enough to already surrouned myself with over 10 amazing friends already. not only that, but im priviliged enough to go to a CHRISTIAN school, and every monday we have a 45 minute class were we talk about God, the Bible and strengthening our faith. last class, a woman who goes on mission trips to Kenya where she helps children that live in poverty came and talked to us about her job.
as we watched a short movie and presentation, she told us about how for them, school was a privilage. these children would wake up at sunrise, walk long distances and come back at 5:00 pm every day to get an education in a small mud hutt. and they loved it. they knew it was there only way for a better life. 

and i realized, 
why don't I have such a a positive outlook on my school life? why do i spend my time complaining about how pointless chemistry will be in my life, because really, only God knows if i'll need it or not.

point is, i'm not saying i will jump out of bed at 6:00 in the morning every single day and NOT look forward to summer. some things never change, obviously. what i'm trying to tell myself is that maybe i should try to stay more positive even if i find myself crying over rock formations at 10:00 pm as i hoplessly try to study for my geography test.

and yeah, it's gonna be hard. but just like those children i need to think of it as a slow way of getting a better life, because where would i be if i couldn't read or write?
nowhere, and deffinately not writing this post.

i hope you don't mind this random post and i'll have a good one up next week :)

have a great week,



blankets the trees
and tickles children's noses
causing ripples of laughter
to echo throughout the woods
the older ones
stay inside
warming themselves
with cups of coffee and tea
reminiscing the times 
when they themselves 
would chatter and have meaningless
with the snow creature
they had spent hours creating

yeah that was kind of a cheesy poem. i came to conclusions just recently that i really don't like capital letters. i hope that doesn't bother you too much >_<

the picture on the right doesn't have much to do with this post but i thought my sweater looked funky next to the keyboard...hehe.

i was thinking i really want to start up a "series" on this blog, 

something that i post of like, once every so often or something. if you have any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.

i've been thinking and i'm quite excited go get back into the swing of things with blogging but i just wanted to warn ya'll (nat who you trying to kind, it ain't funny) that once i get back to school, because i'm sick atm :( i will probably be posting less, hopefully once a week...?? 
not sure yet

thanks for reading!