January Favorites

1. Cashmere Glow Bath and Body Works Body Lotion I purchased this back in the summer, but now that winter is here, I've been using it lots since it's so cold outside. It smells amazing, and lathers on nicely, and overall works really well. 
2. H&M Mohair Gray Cardigan This cardigan is warm, cozy, and very fashionable. It goes great with a plain top, some leggings and boots and I've been wearing it at school and home. 
3. EOS Sweet Mint LipBalm Although of all the EOS Lipbalms I own this is my least favorite one, something about the minty, fresh scent I really like during this time. Works amazing, as all EOS, smells nice, and I haven't worried much about chapped lips this month. 
4. Ritter Sport Vanilla Chai Latter Chocolate I got this chocolate in my stocking from my mom, as we both love Chai Lattes, and although it isn't what I expected, I do really like this chocolate. It's milky and creamy but the inside is full of cozy spices and has a very unique taste. 
5. Starbucks Honey Almond Hot Cocoa Even though this, is a Christmas drink, I've had it once this month and I love it. It's sweet and creamy with faint taste of almond, chocolate whipped cream and the strong honey syrup. It's a great combination and I really enjoyed it. 
6. To Kill a Mockingbird I had heard lots about this book, and watched the movie with my family about a week ago. I really enjoyed it and am now about one third through the book and can't stop reading! Definitely recommend it!
7. Vanilla Bean Noel Bath and Body Works Candle This was a Christmas present from my parents, as I love the 3-wick candles from B&BW, and it smells lush! Three wick candles are such a great purchase and I'm so happy I received this one. 
8. Tangle Teezer I bought this brush a few months back but thought I should include it anyway. I have very thick hair, and this brush has gotten through tough knotts, and helped when my hair is wet. I also often wake up with very messy hair, and it flattens it and straightens it up quickly. They're a bit more expensive then normal brushes but so worth it! 
9. Boots I don't own a real pair of uggs even though I really hope to one day, but these "fake uggs" are just as nice. I love ankle ones, especially paired with jeans, and these are fine in the snow but still look fashionable. 

What did you think of this post? Like it, hate it? Should I do these every month?
What are some of your favorites this month so far? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. Hello! So like I recently started back into blogging and all that shizzazzle and decided to stalk all the blogs I used to follow. Not creepy at all... I love your blog though! And I look forward to reading it in the future! ^-^ I absolutely adore uggs. I got a pair about four years ago and they are still in decent condition, which is surprising since I wear them all day everyday. o-o Your list of favorites was great!

    1. Yay! Don't worry it's not creepy ;) Thank you so much for commenting!! I hope you enjoy my future posts.
      I really want a pair of real uggs, they seem to stay in such a good condition and they're so cute :)