Summer 2016 Bucketlist

hiya :) summer's here! i won't go into all the details about how i feel about it etc but i am very excited to just accomplish lots of fun things this year. i decided to gather some from my pinterest board, and some from last years post, and share them here :) if you haven't yet, check out my summer bucketlist tag, and do it on your blog :)


1. get a sun "tattoo"

2. learn to cartwheel

3. go on a picnic

4. watch the sunrise

5. film a travel documentary

6. eat pizza in italy

7. pull an all nighter

8. bake something with lots of steps

9. (possibly) start a youtube channel

10. redecorate my room

that's it for now. what are some things you want to accomplish this summer? i tried to make reasonable goals so that i don't end the summer disappointed in myself. and of course, i plan to blog more :). i have a few baking posts, and a tag in mind already
till next time xx