I just love chalk!
Don't you??
It's so...I don't know..deep?

Here's a poem:

Pale white fingers brush the ground
Rain and wind wishes them away
But the memories are still there

That was sort of weird, I admit.
But, who cares?
For some reason, chalk is just so cool.

 It makes me think deep thoughts

It makes me happy

It inspires me

So, that was a random rant about chalk!
Do you like chalk?
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Never endless
Will we ever get to fly?
Reach out
That you can touch the sky

That was one of the two poems I will present to you today

Have you ever looked up and though about the sky? The clear blue that covers the world in a protective blanket.Really, the concept of it all is pretty hard to take in. The sky, is everywhere you go. 
You can travel the world, and there will always be sky. Though it may look different, it will always be the sky. 
It's pretty weird huh?



New York


Nevertheless, here's a better poem. 

A whirlwind of blue
Sometimes gray
Maybe even black.
Clouds float, 
The sun goes down, 
And stars appear
Giving light in the never ending dark

Song of the day: Sky by Joshua Radin

That was it for today! 
Have a great one, and remember to appreciate the sky, no matter what color!


Wings skip a beat
Like a heart
In a world where were constantly caged
One can only watch a bird
Through the sky

That poem was definitely better than my first. Did you like it? I called it Freedom.
It's true though.
Have you ever seen a bird fly through the sky, and wondered what it would feel like? To have the wind blow your hair back. To look at the world from above, get a whole new view.
To be free.

We often see birds, big flocks of em', and were always like "Wow". Why? Because their flying together, as if their one? Or is it because we can only imagine what it would feel like to be doing the same thing?

Birds are honestly magical creatures. Even though we can't ever picture life being better as a bird than a human, we often skip all the good things that they have in life. We can't just fly away, when we feel like it. We can't just move, and soar through the sky, letting go of the past and all the hurt. We've got to stay.

That's just something to think about......
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Photography can be such an inspiration!

You just got to look around to find it

 So, I got inspired to write a little poem for you guys. 
The picture next to the poem relates to it.


Be brave
Love will come slowly
You just have to believe
Don't be scared to fall
And if you do
I will catch you
Our hearts
Are lost
But we don't give up
We have hope
We are full of promises

Song of the day: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

This isn't one of my best poems, but it's just a little bit of inspiration to help you through the day.
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Hi and welcome to All These Little Things.
I will be posting short posts that will remind you to notice all the things in life around us that you don't usually pay attention too.
I hope you get inspired!!!!

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