me in a nutshell

hi there! i'm tal and i am greeting you with this batch of cookies i just made. jokes. don't you wish that was possible? anyway, welcome to my blog! i'm just a girl currently in this process of "growing up" and i hope that by sharing some of my passions with people like me, i can make this world just a bit brighter.

i'm an aspiring writer and baker with an interest in fashion and bad habit of buying too many candles and body sprays. also, i'm addicted to starbucks (just ask my family) and break way too many earphones (i have no clue why, all i do is listen to music!?!1?1!?) i'm also a faithful Christian and will refer to God pretty often on this blog. i also have a strong passion for photography as it's something i've found magical from a young age. the possibilty of capturing moments and being able to look back on them no matter what life is like at the current moment, is just amazing.

i think about the future, a lot, and i guess you can't blame me since i'm going to be an award winning author with a kitchen full of goodies and house full of kids haha. just kidding. please don't take me seriously.

i hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as i enjoy writing it and next time i'll welcome you with some red velvet cupcakes....mmmm


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