The Fashion Tag :)

Hi everyone!
Long time no see :P BUT summer has begun and I am ready to have fun! (Cheesy rhyme, I know) But in all seriousness, I am on vacation, which means that I will have more time to post :)
Anyway, do you like fashion?
I may not be completely up to date with all the weird clothes people wear NOW, but I do like shopping and creating new outfits :)
Ironically enough, Elly from A GIRL, nominated me to do the FASHION TAG!
Thanks Elly :D
So, let's begin!

1. What's your favorite Hairstyle?
I wear my hair down most of the time, but I've become quite fond of twisting a bit of hair and then pinning it with a bow.

2. What's your favorite style of top?

Hmmmm, well I really like tank tops and spaghetti strap tops. I also like off the shoulder shirts.  

Oh but my absolute favorite would have to be sweaters :)

3. Do you prefer Shorts or a Skirt?

Shorts ALL the way! I <3 shorts

4. What's your favorite style of dress?
I think I like strapless dresses, tank dresses and spaghetti strap dresses the most. 

5.  Winter Outfits or Summer Outfits?
(Warning: Cute picture overload)

SUMMER!! Even though I adore my jeans and sweaters, summer outfits are the BEST! 

6. Necklaces or Bracelets?
Necklaces because they don't really prevent you from doing anything and they're so cute. Bracelets can sometimes get in the way of doing something even though they are cool. 

7. Favorite kind of shoe?
Ballet flats, Converse and Vans :)

That was so much fun! Just to make it clear, none of these pictures are mine, they are from GOOGLE. All rights go to owners!!!!! 
I nominate this tag to anyone that wants to do it :) You can do it on your blog or in the comments :D

Also, can I please get more followers??? I have only four :( I'm going to camp soon, I'd love to come back to a bit more.. I try so hard :/ But nevertheless I am thankful for all my followers so far ;)

Song of the day: Beat of the Music by Brett Eldredge 

Anyway, thanks for being amazing :) 
Lots of love, 


  1. Oooh! This looks really fun!

  2. I awarded you -
    ♥ Autumn