Something Great

(Wow Tal you're ACTUALLY taking the time to blog! Let's hear the round of applause)

So just recently, I decided to make some sugar cookies.
And ok, they didn't actually turn out all that great but that's a TOTALLY different story.

While baking, I kind of got in to "deep thought" mode, while my "Annie" album blasted from the computer. I danced around the kitchen making sure everything was going well, the chocolate melting, the butter softening. And while these "deep thoughts" racked through my brain, it kinda got me thinking.

In a totally weird if, you could kinda say us humans, well, we're like cookies, or anything else that you bake for that matter.

We're made up of all these things, some not as good as others. Creativity, talent, joy, anger, sadness. All feelings and emotions we experiance at SOME point in our life, right? Well they're all part of US, like ingredients.

And of course, who would expect salt could actually go into something sweet, right? Well how is anger a good feeling? Sometimes, if used in the right way, it can do good things. Like seeing someone get bullied, we get angry and go to stand up for that person.

And as we grow and get older, we become better people (or at least we try to!) and slowly we turn into something amazing, don't we? Just like cookies...

Well, I hope I didn't bore you with my weird ramblings but that will probably be a common occurrence on this blog.

How about listen to "Maybe" from the 2014 version of "Annie" as it currently playing while I am typing this post?
Thanks for reading ._.

Have a fantastic day :)


  1. Wow, I can definitely relate to thinking deeply. A LOT.
    That was some great thoughts, Natalia. And true too, because in a sense, we're all kind of like cookies. I really loved the analogies.
    And ramblings? I LOVE RAMBLINGS -_-

    1. Yeah I know sometimes deep thinking is coooool.
      Thanks Autumn, it was a really weird thought as I was molding the cookies into the little balls.
      Oh that's great, there'll be a lot of those on my blog haha >_<