Beaches, Books, Bracelets, and Balloons.

Hi everyone! I really enjoyed making a story, but this time I decided I'll make a "blurb" like story for a picture.
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The waves splash onto the rocks, and I climb, ever so carefully, over them, to the edge. Trying to be cautious, I bend down and sit on one of the rocks. The water splashes against my shoes, but I didn't let it bother me. 
"I want to see the waves." Melody's voice echoes through my head. Melody, my little sister. The one I love and care for the most. The one I would do anything for, yet now she is sleeping soundly in the hospital, with one wish. She wants to see the sea. I take my camera out of my bag and look at it. I picture my childhood, the days when I went to the beach with my parents. I'd splash in the waves, build sand castles, run around the grassy hills and tiptoe across the rocks. Melody never had any of it.
I turn it on. I can still picture the day I asked her. 
"What's your wish Mellie?" I asked.
 "I want to see the waves. I want to hear them, see them, taste them."
 I reach down into my bag and finger the little jar with sea salt, and the little box with french fries that they sell at the board walk. If I could I'd take her. She's too sick to leave the bed. 
I place the camera in front of my eyes and get ready. This ones for you Mellie, I think. 

Sundays have always been crazy, and I always go on a walk. It gives me some time to breathe, to relax and think. Plus, I like finding new places. Today I decide to walk through the park. I enjoy the view, the green grass, the blooming trees, but it gets boring. Then I see her.
She's wearing a pair of brown boots, a coral pink dress and a long necklace. There's a dusty book laying on her lap, and I can't tell what her face looks like, with her blond hair covering it like a curtain. I decide to take a chance and sit down next to her.
"Hi!" I say
"Oh, um hi." She looks up. She has the most stunning blue eyes. Her nose is small and dainty, and she gives me a small smile. 
"What'ya' reading?" I ask. 
"Oh, um that. Romeo and Juliet. Stupid, I know." She looks down and her soft hair falls back down again.
"I don't think it's dumb. Did you know apparently Shakespeare didn't actually write anything?" I try to start a conversation. There is something special about this girl. She's shy, but I'm sure there's more to her.
"Really? I've heard of that, but I never knew if it was true."
"I don't know. It would be an interesting thing to find out. I have a job at the local library on Tuesdays. You could come and we could try to fish out some information." I offer. She looks back up and her dark blue eyes lighten up.
"That would be cool."
"Great. The name's Michael. Your's?" I put my hand out. She reaches out and takes it.
"Katrina. The name's Katrina."

"I'm going to miss you. You know that?" I say, and open my eyes. The summer sky is huge and blue. 
"Of course. Me too." Tara says, and turns her head. She looks at me with her gray eyes and smiles.
"It's going to be so different Tara. Quiet, awkward. Who else will I have to talk about pig eyes with?" Tara laughs at one of our old inside jokes. 
"I honestly don't know Jess. It's going to be weird in a new place. What if they think I'm weird?"
"You are weird! So am I! And if they find out, who cares?" I say with a smile, and finger my braided friendship bracelet I've wore on my hand since 4th grade. 
"Right. Except I don't think I can handle being weird alone."
"Oh you'll survive." I get up, and turn, and drop my feet into the river. My pink toenails sparkle underwater. Tara joins me, and puts her arm around me. I glance at her wrist, which is covered in bracelets. I'm the only one that knows where each one comes from. She's been collecting them for over 6 years. 
"I have something for you." She says. I look into her eyes, and she smiles. 
"You do? What is it?" I ask. She reaches into the pocket, and pulls out a little navy box with a bow. I open it and smile. A small silver necklace with a little key charm is gently placed on the soft white pillow.
"Because you are the only one who will ever deserve having the key to my heart." Her gray eyes get shiny, and I reach into my pocket. I open the little bag and pull out a gold bracelet, with a few charms that symbolize our friendship. 
"The pig because of our memories. The music note because we both love it. The plane because we would not survive without traveling. The palm tree because were summer girls. And the heart because I love you." My eyes get teary as I clip the bracelet onto her hand. She gives me a hug. 
"The world is going to be weird without you. I love you too. ."

The breeze lifts my hair off my face, and I grip onto the balloons tighter. The bottom of my dress twirles as I spin around in circles.
You got accepted Cassie. You're going.
My heart jumps as I spin and dance. My feet bounce across dry brown grass. I got accepted. I'm going to ballet school. I repeat my routine that I did for the audition. I feel light and airy. Happy and free. I let go of one of the balloons and watch it soar into the air. Joy fills my chest as it disappears into the sky. I let go of another, and another, until one is left in my hand. I can see it all. Saying goodbye to my family, flying in the airplane. meeting new friends. Living in a totally new place. It's going to be amazing. I twirl for what seems like hours. I jump and leap until I can barely breathe and then I fall into the grass. My breath is long and raged, but I've never felt more happy. I lay down and laugh. I can't believe it. A bird soars across the sky and takes my heart along with it.
I'm going to Paris.

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