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The short story is based on the pictures.... Enjoy

I slam the door and run across the snowy alley. I don't care if they worry. I don't care if they are sad. I'm hurt. The snow crunches gently under my feet as I turn the corner to the forest. No one can find me here. 
I stop and take a raged breath. The sky is a grayish color. I can't believe I left. My heart is pounding and I can hear their voices in my head. "Dumb, annoying, ugly, weird." My eye sight gets blurry and I hang my head. It's cold. 
The snow is falling furiously, and I close my eyes. The long awaited tears fall. I put my gloved hands over my face and let the tiny water droplets drip down my face. They burn, and I hear the voices again. " Annoying, ugly, weird, crazy, awkward, stupid." The sky darkens as I cry. After a while, I have no more tears. I pull off my gloves and hat, and coat, and throw them off. The sun is peeking through a cloud, but it's still snowing wildly. I crash into the snow, and lay down on the empty forest road.
It was one mistake. One mistake. Yet they keep talking about it. Will they ever forgive me? I look at the sunny sky. Snowflakes twirl through the air, falling into my hair. I raise my hand run it through my hair. They know I would fix it if I could. But I can't. I'm left with the haunting memory and it hurts. Then I hear a noise and get up. I can hear twigs and branches cracking. "Who is it?" I ask, my voice wavering. No response. Suddenly, it appears. I gasp.
A deer walks through field, and gently lays down on the field. It watches me. I sit on the snowy road, and watch it. It looks so beautiful, yet I feel so afraid. Should I be afraid? It looks at me for a while, and I wait. It's eyes are a deep, chocolate brown, and they seem to speak to me. Then the deer gets up, and trots away. I stay there, still a bit shocked. He didn't hurt me, he doesn't know, I think. A smile spreads across my face. One mistake, yet only they know. It doesn't matter.
. I look down the road that the deer walked down, and get up. I reach for my coat, hat and gloves. Time to go home. I walk across the snow. I can't explain why, but I feel better. I made a mistake, just like everyone else. It doesn't matter. 
I cross the bridge, singing to my self. I won't go back. Not now, maybe not for a long time. I've learned from my mistake. You have to go keep going. It's worth it in the end.
How'd you guys like it? I sure had fun writing it, and I'd love to do more. Let me know in the comments!
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  1. Love it! You're a talented writer :) Are you going to continue it?

  2. Thanks! I probably won't, I write long "books" in my spare time on the computer, but in this blog I think I'll stick with short stories :)