Update on life and IMPORTANT announcment

Is someone a bad blogger here?

Yeah, I admit it. And, believe it or not, I've come up with a solution!
But that's latter in this post.
How about a little update on what I've achieved this summer?

I had Chipotle for the first time ever

I had wayy too much Starbucks haha

I tried boxed water

I went to the Navy Pier and rode the Ferris Wheel

I had Panera for the first time ever

I went to the Water Tower

I had Chicago Deep Dish pizza *heart eyes emoji*

I went to the zoo and saw my favorite animals :)

I switched bedrooms with my parents and redid my room completely :)

And a bunch of other fun things. I spent two weeks in Texas and a week in Chicago+Iowa
It was a really amazing vacation and I'm very blessed,
but that's not the point. 

The point is this blog. I have been thinking about it a lot lately and I'm going to switch it around. 
All These Little Things is getting a COMPLETE makeover, and I can't wait!
As I'm still in the forming process, I'll update with further information as soon as I can!

Thanks for reading 


  1. yay!!! Can't wait for the makeover..
    and you did a whole bunch of AWESOME things...i mean, i'd love to try Chipotle or Panera...they sounds crazy good. Visiting the zoo would be awesome and you go to go to Texas??? oh man, that must've been so cool.

    1. Yup. Yeah both were amazing and of course zoos are amazing, I love animals <3
      Yeah, my aunt and uncle along with most of my family live there so we got to visit them and it was soo much fun!