blankets the trees
and tickles children's noses
causing ripples of laughter
to echo throughout the woods
the older ones
stay inside
warming themselves
with cups of coffee and tea
reminiscing the times 
when they themselves 
would chatter and have meaningless
with the snow creature
they had spent hours creating

yeah that was kind of a cheesy poem. i came to conclusions just recently that i really don't like capital letters. i hope that doesn't bother you too much >_<

the picture on the right doesn't have much to do with this post but i thought my sweater looked funky next to the keyboard...hehe.

i was thinking i really want to start up a "series" on this blog, 

something that i post of like, once every so often or something. if you have any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.

i've been thinking and i'm quite excited go get back into the swing of things with blogging but i just wanted to warn ya'll (nat who you trying to kind, it ain't funny) that once i get back to school, because i'm sick atm :( i will probably be posting less, hopefully once a week...?? 
not sure yet

thanks for reading!


  1. wonderful post as usual :) your poem was amazing! and capital letters need not always be there, I'll say as a grammar nazi. (notice how my comment shall not have any either ;) hmm, series ideas? well, it could be a photo thing, or a writing thing, depending on which you prefer i guess. and i'm not always the best and consistent poster anyways, so no worries :)

    1. thank you so much Autum, you deserve a medal for commenting on each of my posts <3 i was thinking a something like what you mentioned, i'll have to think a bit more before my final decision.
      once again thanks for commenting. oh and i loved your newest poem :)